Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 Questions...

(note: 9th photography blog post)

Wednesday morning. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing. The photo wall is now set, and we are now ready to take photos. While we were setting up the photo wall, I had to invite people to come to the photo wall. I had to invite as many people as I can. We had to make 100 shots. Actually, it was very fun because not only did we have a hundred shots but also we get to know anyone's opinion. But what if I got in to the photo wall and someone asks me questions. This is what I know.

1. What do I think about Emano's administration?
Personally, even though there were some glitches in his administration for the last few months, still Emano still tries to get the city together. With all that development and growth. you'll never know what's gonna happen that would go very bad. Sometimes, when it comes to politics, we'll never know the bad things that are gonna happen like political scandals, calamities, etc., and we blame it on the city officials. Emano's administration may be not the best in the country, but at least, he tries. If we only look in to the positive side of what Emano did, such as the newly-finished Puerto flyover, the influx of investments to the city, and the new international airport. *sighs* Why do we even bother about the negative side? Why do we always think of bad? Why bother expecting too much? Sometimes we are satisfied, sometimes we are not. The point is Emano tries to make the city a better place. Just focus on what CdeO is: A city in Bloom, in Blossom, and in Boom.

2. What is the youth's major problem nowadays?
IDEALS. We need youth that can able to stand up to the challenge and know how dedicate themselves for others. Furthermore, what the heck is the point about the term "Men and Women for Others" if we cannot DO IT anyway? Isn't it odd to you that the youth are not thinking or acting right? Aren't they gonna do something for their community? Nowadays, we can't even see a single act of kindness from our youth. There's even youth nowadays that got involved into corruption. It's such a shame that the youth are involved in service anymore. That is why we, the youth of the Philippines need to act now in order to make a better community. As what Rizal says: "Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan."

3. Who is my role model?
MARTIN LUTHER KING. He was known throughout the world as the one who redefined the word "freedom". I saluted Dr. King for his ideals on social justice and people's rights. I have been oppressed all my life for what I know, what I fought for, and for what I believed in. With Dr. King's ideas, I knew more of my purpose in life. He fought for everyone's rights: black, white, brown. Therefore, I promised myself that no one will be stabbed till bleeding in the back while I'm around. Furthermore, Dr. King also redefined the term "people's protector". He believes that a peaceful community cannot be attained without the people working together to make. He also believes that all people are always treated equal.

4. What will I be doing 10 years from now?
10 years from now, I would be a world-class writer/journalist/freelance photographer/explorer. I would go around the world see other perspectives, perspectives that are very different from what I see. There are lots of things in this world that are needed to be shown to the whole world. We'll never know. If I could go around the world, not only do I see new landscape, but also I feel so free that no one is gonna hold me back ever again. Furthermore, being in this profession brings me a lot of happiness because I can see a lot of happiness anywhere. I can see new opportunities and a new spark of art that goes beyond imagination *char*. There much to see. So I wanna be like one 10 years later. It's cool.

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