Monday, August 29, 2011

Sights and Sounds of Fiesta...

(note: 8th photography blog post)

Kagay-an Festival, the happiest time of the year. Every August it's the same thing. Colors flying, the sun shining, and the music get louder all around. People go outside dance, scream, and shout to the tunes. Everybody always enjoys to the sights of sounds of all colors that go around the city. I guess that's what I like about Cagayan de Oro being my home. It's just that you'll never have enough fun while you're here. You can have fun anywhere and you don't have to regret it. However, it's fiesta that has the most fun all around the city. Here are all the details.

During the parade, when we have to wake up early in the morning just to get to Divisoria and take the shots for the Plowtawo (human float) and folkloric dance showcase. It's where different groups from all around gather to show their way of dancing while portraying CdeO's greatest legends: The Legend of the Coconut, Ang Birhen sa Kota, and The Legend of Cagayan de Oro. I even wondered "why the sun is hotter in the early morning than in the middle?" Moving on, like I said, different groups come from all around to show case themselves. Groups that come different places as far as Zamboanga Sibugay, whose group came to the city with a unique presentation and a colorful surprise. There is also another surprise. Everytime a human float comes by, photographers, including us DevCom, would set our cameras and go trigger crazy. I was also so trigger crazy that I come in front before them to take those shots. Even during the folkloric dance showcase at Pelaez Sports Center, there were many photographers from all around, even Sir Froilan came to take the shots. While I was still struggling to take those photos while being under the heat of the sun, I still remembered that I was fasting. So I had to step back for a while to cool off, and that was tiring. However, actually, I was still able to get those shots I needed for the Plowtawo... and very in time for Friday prayers. ^___^

During the parade, the cream of the crop, I was like "YIKES!!! I'm late!" So I had to prepare at super fast speed and dashed off to the rotunda, where I found out that it already been started. I got off the jeep (and paid my fare, of course...) and ran as far as I can just to take those photos like mad. Lucky for me, I was able to take good pictures, especially some...things (eww... clowns... joke.). Anyway, I was running and shooting like mad, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, and until finally I arrived at the finish line at Limketkai Mall. There, all the drum and bugle bands marched into Limketkai and performed their dance numbers. Aside from the dance numbers, and the ear-stinging music, there's also the colorful and creative floats that pass by. These float are made by every company and organization in the city. There was even also a float from IPI Corporation that really freaked me out. They had this float that has animatronic monsters in it. I was shocked o__O. Anyway, there were so many colorful floats, too many marching bands. I even had the opportunity to take photos of certain people like Ms. Kagay-an and her court and the dudes from Barangay Gwapo. There was also this vintage car parade, and I was surprised to see Carlou and Allyn riding on one of the cars and I was like *O.O*. In the end, the whole fiesta thing was really fun. The colors you see, the music you hear makes me think that to me... CdeO is home.

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