Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Idiots: What I like about them...

Ranchoddas Chanchad
- With a carefree attitude, Rancho had a full confidence of life amidst the arduous pressure of college life. He never cared about how much life is pulling down on him, as long as he has the courage to stand up to ViruS for himself, his friends, and Pia. He also has a passionate mindset of things. His wisdom on pursuing one's passion really hits everybody a lot. Sometimes, I ask myself how was Rancho able to top at his class while maintaining a carefree attitude. Simple, he loved engineering so much that he was able to gain himself from it. He always helps a friend when it is needed.

Farhan Qureshi
- Farhan,  I think, represents those who are being forced to choose what their parents wanted for them instead of what they those for. His admiration for Rancho was the key for him stand up to his father so that he would become a wildlife photographer. Farhan was able to convince his parents to let him do his dream out of greater love for his parents, due to the fact that they love him so much that he wanted to pursue his dream because of that love. He became a successful wild photographer at the start of the film.

Raju Rastogi
- Raju is the breadwinner of the Rastogi family, such that the whole family is counting on him to lift them from their woes. As such, hed had to struggle with the poverty his family had suffered, with a paralyzed dad and an unwed sister. Because of fear of failing his family to lift them from their woes, Raju was not able to concentrate, leading to poor grades. But with Rancho's help, he was able to overcome that fear, and became passionate to helping his family. He even had a rich life at the start of the film.


  1. the movie is realy great. i learn a lesson in this movie. thanks.

  2. Raju represents real life characters/individuals especially in poor families. its difficult to get good grades when all eyes are on you.