Saturday, September 10, 2011

Darkness within Light...

(note: 10th photography blog post)

During our photo shoot to Cogon, I just wondered "What happened?" I didn't even see this one coming about the condition that lies ahead in this place.

When I was a young boy, I remembered that Cogon used to be the commercial center of the city. Everyday, people from all around come to Cogon to buy and sell goods, from meat to veggies to used clothing, to city folk. Everyday was busy, busy, and more busy. They cannot even themselves be disturbed just for the sake of selling stuff for their families. Today, what a mess.

If you ask me about what happened in Cogon, I'd say that Cogon has lost its original glory. It used to be one the biggest commercial spots in Cagayan de Oro. Now, Cogon becomes a total mess. I wish there was some way that Cogon can be restored to its former glory as a commercial hub in the city.

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