Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Unknown Voice: A Muslim's view of the RH Bill

Brothers and sisters, let me just say for all of us that we are now facing a greater situation unimagined that might alter the course of cultural impact... the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. According to supporters of said bill, they claim that this "piece of unpublished legislation" would alleviate the nation's economic woes by teaching people about safe sex and contraception. 

For many months, pro-RH personalities like activist Carlos Celdran, legislators Riza Hontiveros and Edcel Lagman are still fighting against the Catholic Church over that bill. They claimed that the Catholic Church should not interfere with politics. The question is: Is it only the Catholic Church that's getting in the way? What Celdran, Hontiveros and Lagman do not know is that there are other religions in the Philippines whose voice have not yet been heard. It's as if as only the Christians are fighting over the RH Bill, therefore there is no diversity of opinions over this situation. Henceforth, with this blog post, I speak on behalf, about the Muslim view of the RH Bill.

As Muslims, we have one answer: NO! We will not let this bill to pass, for this bill is a travesty to our country that ruins the morality, economic, and is a total wrecking ball that destroys the diversity of this fair nation. We may be a minority, but seriously don't we get an opinion about it too???!! We Muslims, have protected ourselves against tempestuous evils that destroy the sanctity of life. Furthermore, if this bill passes, then everyone in this nation would go and "get it on" (pardon my language...), and thus, society will become hay wired with disgust.

Furthermore, human labor is considered a fine treasure in the Philippines for young and fresh graduates are in demand around the world. In other countries, where the aged is more populous than the youth, young graduates are needed here and abroad to take care of the elderly. Now, if this passes, young people will become less in the population, and if there less young people, who will take care of our elders?

If pro-RH bill supporters claimed that this bill will alleviate the country's economic woes by giving contraceptives to couples, think again. Although good intention, how will the poor afford it? Generally, condoms and other contraceptive cost more expensive in any store. Why would the poor spend what they worked for a piece of rubber garbage? Instead of selling condoms, the State should spend the money in building classrooms, or providing better health care for our sickened citizens. Better yet, spend it on scholarship programs so that the youth may able to go on in their studies. Besides, how will we be able to learn if too many condoms are around?

There is this one question that puzzles me the most: How did the pro-RH bill politicians able to manipulate...este...convince the President to support this bill? When I supported PNoy, I knew that he would be able to spring-clean this country to its original luster. I was shocked as to how would PNoy, son of the famous pro-life President Cory, would even supported this bill. Furthermore, this bill violates articles 2 and 15 of our Constitution which, specifies the protection and sanctity of the unborn child. So how would the pro-RH Bill supporters push for it? I wouldn't do that If I were them, because if I do, I would be accused of high treason for violating the Constitution. Religion may be separate from State, but at least put some morality on it. It's as if they turned PNoy into a living puppet. 

I say to all once again, we cannot let this "bill" pass. Think of the travesty that this will affect. Think of the sanctity of unborn life. I assure you this bill will cause nothing but misery in this country. Furthermore, passing of this bill will trigger terrorists like Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, and others to more bombings and mayhem all over the Philippines. Above all, more pro-life people will take to the streets and revolt to save life, and mind you, it will be as large as the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square ten-fold. 

MARK MY WORDS! If PNoy signs the bill into when Congress has passed it, we will pack our bags and Qur'ans and leave the Philippines forever. 


  1. Thank you for speaking up on the RH Bill as a Muslim. We need people to know that this fight not only concerns Christians but people of all creeds as well.

  2. It sounds like you haven't read the bill. No life will be taken. Stop singling out condoms. The poor will not be spending on condoms. It will provided together with proper education and information on family planning. Filipinos are not just born to supply the labor demand of the world, we must serve our country first before fleeing to another. And you leaving the Philippines if ever the bill is passed just shows that you don't really love your country.

  3. Very well said. I like reading your blog because we do have some opinions in common although I am not a Muslim. But this doesn't mean that I am against nor pro in RH bill. Personally, I am against with RH bill because I know in myself that I could do it-responsible parenting in the real sense of the word, aside that it's against to my ever known morality(as Christian). However, if the bill is approved by the government, I would have no hard feelings about it. Because I know it could be the voice of the majority and in every game, majority always wins. Admit it or not but condoms, pills and etc. are being used even before. It is just being legalized now. That is a matter of my opinion.

  4. this is something new to my ears and definitely uplifting. i agree with your opinions. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. I am proud that you have spoken in behalf of our Muslim brothers and sisters. I am a Catholic and I do offer great and high respect for the Islam religion. Lately, I have been wondering and wandering on what other denominations say about this bill and so I found your blog. It's really a blessing that you wrote this. And I sincerely thank you for it. More power and God bless us all!

  6. @Anonymous, It sounds like you have read the bill and haven't understood entirely its principle. Lives of the unborn will be taken through abortifacients such as contraceptive pills, injectables, and IUD. The poor will be provided with this artificial family planning tools, thereby the poor are made to, without their full consent, kill their fully-conceived babies.

  7. Im glad Muslims are now speaking out against the RH Bill. Their voices have not been heard about this issue. Citing a fatwa released by the ulama from Central Mindanao, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago even deceived and misled the Filipino people by claiming that Islam is pro-RH. Please read this blog:

  8. he poor will not be spending on condoms. It will provided together with proper education and information on family planning <--- they will be provided by whom? and through what means?

  9. We need to unite and oppose this terrible evil...the RH Bill is an instrument masquerading as an instrument to educate and alleviate poverty...but in reality it is an evil instrument that threatens to erode and destroy the very moral fiber of our nation. NO to RH Bill!!!!!!!!


  10. The person made this opinion did not read and purely understand the RH Bill.

  11. Hi Nash,

    Thank you for your opinion. Although I disagree with your position, it is certainly refreshing to hear a Muslim's thoughts on the RH Bill.

    But did you actually read the bill? If passed, the bill will provide FREE access to RH services, among which include contraceptives, and information about them to anyone who wants it. They will NOT be sold by the government.

    As for articles 2 and 15 of the constitution that you mentioned, there is no violation in the RH Bill. The RH Bill makes a firm stand against abortion, and maintains the sanctity of the unborn child.

    I hope you do not take offense in this. In the debates surrounding the RH Bill, it is extremely important to be well informed. Please read the bill, and strive towards a more intelligent discussion of it, whether you support the bill or not.

    Josh P

    1. well said josh. it is hard to discuss the pros and cons, much more the morality or otherwise of the RH Bill if one does not scrutinize the law which is the subject of the discussion.


  12. Very well said. And thank you for speaking up on behalf of our fellow Muslim side. Everyone has there own decision but it is true that we don't need RH Bill in our country. It will just ruin the relationship between the parents and children. Parents are the first teacher/educator to there own children.Imagine if your own child will tell in front of your face that "Di na po uso ang virgin ngayon!" how will you handle that? that might be the scenario once the RH Bill pass...

  13. The issue my muslim sister is whether religion curtails sexual promiscuity. The answer is sadly no. Unwanted pregnancies are there everyday, both from Muslim and Christian alike. The RH bill does not encourage you to have sex. what it does is merely inform you of the consequences and protects if case you do engage in sexual promiscuity. Supporting the RH is not unislamic. The RH bill is not immoral. it merely recognizes that a lot of people, despite the existence of religions doctrines, engage in sexual promiscuity. the RH bill simply says if you are going to be sexually active, then you might as well be informed and be protected should you choose to be so. In short, the choice to be morally fit is still with the person. So its not the RH bill forcing you to commit immoral acts.

  14. comment by the way is from AAG