Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Kick-Ass and Hit Girl...

Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski
- Dave is like some average kid who loves comics, and has a hard time attracting girls, especially his crush and love interest Katie Deauxma. However, he wondered: "How come nobody gets to be a superhero?" So, he had an idea, bought a scuba suit, and became Kick-Ass. At first, it was difficult for him to fight crime, considering that he got stabbed and ran over by a car. However, he was able to learn from that mistake and soon developed to improve himself as a superhero. When he had that chance to save the day, he became an Internet phenomenon, and thus, a superhero. While he has his very own chance of fame as a real superhero, he will soon get involved in a super mess, when he meets father-daughter duo Big Daddy and Hit Girl. During and after a series of events that happened to Dave, he questions that has he been a superhero and realized he did. Even though he didn't do well or didn't kill as much bad guys as Hit Girl, in the end, he was able to achieve something. He was able to inspire many people who become superheroes. He still lived up to the expectations of comic book readers and movie viewers everywhere. Now that is an achievement to look by.

Hit Girl/Mindy MacCready
- Hit Girl is someone that you don't wanna mess with. She's a girl with a strong character, although she had some kind of a "bad girl" image considering that she kills many people with blood flowing everywhere, she totally swears a lot because she makes a lot of F-words and C-words, and she's only 11 years old. But despite of all the criticism given to her, she's also has a good personality. For example, she always looks up to her father and she really wants to make her father proud. In fact, she and her father Big Daddy had the same motive: to get rid of the guy who ruined their lives. One of the most amazing thing about Hit Girl is how she brought  about the action. Deadly weapons and lethal moves are really a no-brainer to her. She really kills a whole lot of bad guys both in the comics and in the film, her father had really taught her well. Above all else, it's Hit Girl that really steals the show. She is a complex character, she has totally escaped the barriers of cinematic conventions.

Although the two characters have greater differences, they still have on thing in common: they are still superheroes. They have the motives, the stamina, and totally the action. They were able to fulfill any one's dream of becoming super. That is the penultimate combination of two great characters from the movie that is really... KICK-ASS.

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