Monday, September 12, 2011

Out and about

(note: 10th photography blog post.)

It was a sun-kissed Sunday morning. Only a few of us from our went to the Pelaez Sports Center with Sir Evans, which was the day for the annual intramurals swimming match. 

It was a very intense match, but the Aggie swimming team was able to get through all these challenges and won many heats in the competition. 

Our best swimmers from the college did their very best to achieve their coveted gold. Many Aggies won during these matches.

The Aggie team rise to the challenges as they get through these rough patches to become victorious in the games. As such, the Bullriders are really striking up as they become very poised to win the games in this year's Intramurals.
In the end, we had a good time. We hope that we could see more of these valiant athletes in action. AGGIES, go and fight!

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