Monday, February 28, 2011

Youth Act Now!

The thing about in Sangguniang Kabataan today is that it now turns into a pestering flop. I mean what really happened to the youth leaders of today’s Philippines. Last time I know, it was about young people with a vision to serve fellow youth, and then next thing I know, it turns into a flop!

If Gat Jose Rizal was here to see this, he would really actually freak out to see what the youth are doing right now: partying around, smoking drugs; now taking advantage of public office? That’s just too much. Ladies and Ateneans, we all know that the SK is supposed to be about serving fellow youth and a training ground or stepping stone for them to enhance their leadership. Now they’ve becoming succumbed to the great black smog of corruption for they only run for any SK position for power, benefits and honoraria. Sometimes the rich kids are able to run for chairman or councilors.

In the 70s to early 90s, Filipino youth would pile up the voting precincts, eager to vote for their chosen candidate. In those periods is where the youth get involved in the political system, especially during the Martial Law era where college students march to every street in the country, protesting in the plazas, the parks, the churches, the campuses, demanding for their freedom to return. Prominent youth like Lean Alejandro and others have contributed for the return of democracy to this nation. Youth speaking their voices out loud for their rights, such as representation in government, programs for the youth (ex. sports, health, spirituality, etc.), better education, and so on and so forth. Today, these “unsung heroes” now serve the country as politicians, activists, academe, and other professions, dedicated for the country’s welfare, and even today, the memories and aspirations still laid down in their hearts. Ironically, the youth almost “lost their voice” when former senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. laid down a proposal banning the SK. It would be so unfair to us young people, isn’t it? After all, the youth even helped, worked to the bone, and gave up their lives just to save democracy from being sucked into the black hole of repression. Nowadays, the younger generation thinks of the SK as a stepping stone to gain power over others. It’s even worse if it is given to spoiled, rich people who only think about themselves more than others (note: I did not say that in general because nowadays there are also rich youth becoming involved in helping others).

Today, there are also youth that are trained to serve fellow men regardless of gender, race, belief, or creed, only to be under one vision.

To those who think that the SK is just a bunch of fun and games, well you’re wrong! Remember your rights that you have been given with, remember those who served for others even to the farthest ends, remember those who gave up their lives so that their aspirations for the next generations can be achieved.

As I end this, I say, to those who have died, already died, and about to die for others… we salute you.

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