Monday, February 28, 2011

A Letter to Egypt

To the people of Egypt,

On behalf of the people of the Philippines, let me just say that we are most proud of your efforts to regain democracy in your land. May those who risked their lives to free your country be ever remembered throughout time.

There may have been dark time that made your country into a total mess. The whole world knows about the wrath of the tyrant Hosni Mubarak, who almost burned your country into the ground. Sometimes the world even kept asking to you "What took you (Egypt) so long?" We even know that you became afraid of death, so it's been long since you've never rise to the challenge.

Never has been a march this enormous since People Power was ever gathered for a long time. Never afraid to die for their country. While the government, always boasting themselves while blaming the United States because of their "democracy", when in fact that they should be blaming themselves for committing fiasco that almost tear Egypt into billions of shreds.

Nevertheless, you were able to stand firm.The Christians and Muslims were able to unite with one cause. Former officials even finally opened their eyes and affirmed their loyalty to you.

May the revolution be forever remembered as the key to democracy and as a catalyst for change throughout the world.

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