Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyday is murder in Libya

Everyday the same thing...

Guns, bombs, many people get killed in protests. It has become a usual scenario in Libya ever since Hosni Mubarak was out of Cairo, and it became a central spark for other Middle East countries to stand up against their own dictatorships.

Something even tells me that Muammar al-Gaddhafi just won't even give up. I mean, he'll do anything to keep his power intact, even if it means wiping out his people. He even makes his very own "charade" propaganda, he tells people that they should be "dancing and singing". That's just  plain coconuts. Everybody in Libya is being wiped out of the face of the earth and they're being expected to sing and dance??? Preposterous! Nobody has to sing about lies in a time like this.

All the more, while the people there and abroad chanting on freedom, Gaddhafi keeps on blabbing and blabbing about Libya, always blaming on the United States, always boasting on their weapons, so on and so forth blah blah blah.

Well, in my viewpoint, all I can say is that Gaddhafi's time is up, he should go now. He doesn't have to rule forever. He's turning Libya upside-down! So I suggest to Gaddhafi that if he is a good Muslim as he claims to be, he should pack his bags and get the heck out of Libya while he has the chance. If not, then prepare for the stinging of a lifetime.

Either you go or Die. It's your choice.

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