Monday, February 28, 2011

The Joy of Travel

Imagine you’re in a place that you’ve never seen before, and then you see the cool stuff inside it and begin to want the adventure of a lifetime. Travelling to another place is like going to a whole new world where it can be reached in a stone’s throw. There a lots of places around to see: New York, Hollywood, Paris, Phuket, the Maldives, or even the sandy deserts of the Middle East or the safari of East Africa. The choices are endless when you’re gung ho to the challenge of a lifetime.

When you travel, be sure to know where you’re intending to go, whether it’s around the world or exploring to the great forests of Northwest Africa, be sure that you’re not stupid enough to get lost, or it’s bye-bye person. When arrived at where you’re destined to go, notice the beauty of what you see that makes you appreciate what the place has to offer that makes you to see whole perspective of the world as you see it. Travelling depends on how far will go in terms on where you’re going. As such, distance doesn’t really matter as long as you know that you’re going further and further to where your heart yearns to be.

Being in an all new adventure means longing for a real purpose to treasure in life. It is a new experience where one is immersed to a life to new beginning and new learning. For example, those who came from far and wide who are destined to be in one of the most prestigious universities in Mindanao may think that this would be a new challenge for them, even knowing how to mingle with the natives. So some find it difficult, usually because they’ve never been there before; some are used to things, especially to those who are living in cities like Cagayan de Oro and others, and also from the fact that they visited there. Furthermore, being where your heart is no sombrero festival of different varieties and personalities. It’s where you’re inspired to be what you are. Some travels based on their destinies, like the pilgrims of Makkah, Jerusalem, Fatima, and others, wherever God is calling them to fulfil their center of purpose. To a true traveller, the heart is their compass. Wherever the hearts wants us to go then we go there. It’s just a matter of time before we would experience the freedom that we desire the most, where our dreams can be constructed; where we will meet obstacles that would potentially block our way; where we will meet new faces, friendly or otherwise; where we will put ourselves to the test; where we will experience more emotions like hatred, happiness, love, and pain; where the sun rises and never falls.

My brothers and sisters, going far is not just decided in a flash. It is decided on what you are yearned to go and where you yearn to go, hoping to find the “Promised Land” that you desire. This destiny only comes and goes. Why standing there, when you can go out to the world and search for it.

Hope you can find what you desire in your heart... someday. 

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