Monday, December 20, 2010

Xavier Days: Ateneo's own Mardi Gras

Ever heard of the Mardi Gras of New Orleans? or the Carnival at Rio? Well, why sacrificing yourself for those when there is already one right here... at Xavier University!

Unlike any occasion with a fear of having an F, Xavier Days is the only time when you can be happy of having three F's: Fun, Food, and Friends! There's a lot for anyone to experience to have a fun time at Xavier Days. From taking pictures at photo booths to shopping for tees to rock bands to Law students barbecues. And the best part, no class!

For me, this is my 2nd Xavier Days since entering college, and man it has been the best three to four days of my whole college life. this is one of my most unforgettable experience since being here.

In the first day, it starts with a big mass full, of students, faculty, staff, and other people seat up at the main lane like a giant cross and celebrated the start of an awesome four-day shenaniganry. Immediately after the mass, lights sparked up the whole campus like a big Vegas light bulb, then the real fun begins. That night, the festivities started with Festival Night, with bands rocking in front of the chapel, and a walk-in FREE movie. Wow! Another F!!!

The next day, it started with a loud and proud trisikad parade around campus, followed by a Xavier High loud fest with a variety show. And while you're at it, you can check out the Aggie booth at the SC dry pond and see Janno the little pony. You can even ride horses for 15 pesos per round. Later that night, all people piled up the covered courts for Cultural Night. In this event, all the dance troupes from all college council battle by interpretative dancing. The Teachers' Guild won first prize, and even though we only won third, at least we still had a good time.

Day 3... while the little Atenistas are having their field demo, me and the rest of the Aggies were practicing for the Christmas Carol contest. Just a little recap for you, it took two straight days and a night to practice for the carolling contest. It was so intense that we thought we would never have a complete singing choir. I mean, we only had a handful of Altos, and a few Sopranos and Basses. But in the long run, we were able to be lean, Green, singing machines.

On the night of the great "Christmas Carol" fiasco, everybody piled the whole chapel as if the Pope is coming to town. All the college councils' best choir singers gathered for the honor of first prize. The funniest part I ever saw was when the Engineering singers were starting to sing "Rudolph the red-nosed re-eh-ein-deer!", and the chapel just turned into a "Cathedral of Laughs". When it was our turn, it started with the acting antics of the Prime Minister as the farmer in the "Magi"-like story. And when we were getting to the last "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" part, it was so  intense that I would have busted my lungs! But it's all taken care of. In the end, we may have not won but it was a blowing blast!

Day 4, and the biggest of all days, started with the "run for your frickin' life!" Ignatian Run, with hundreds of runners running through the whole city and back. And still... more food and more fun. But it gets better with its first-ever hip-hop contest, with many crews from all over XU on a rumble "to the streets".

Few hours is what people have been people waiting for....*drum roll*... DANCE PARTY!!! That's right, chumps. The "Evolve" dance party is the final event to top it all off and to end this bang baby. The night is filled with nothing but dancing, dancing, and more dancing! It all ended with a fireworks show.

In the end, I walked through the quiet lane watching the lights (well except the loud screams of the HS alumni). It may all be over, but I promise you... the memory never dies. Well, can't wait for another four days.

Party party...

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