Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time before Christmas

'Twas four days, one hour, and 50 minutes before Christmas,
And I'm still not tired,
'Coz I have the slightest feeling,
That I might expire.

"Joke, joke..." I said,
But still cost a dime,
For all I know,
It's almost Christmas time.

Just look at the people,
Hanging socks at the chimney,
And ninongs and ninangs,
Hiding all their money.

All the young people's smiles,
And said "NO CLASSES!!!" with glee,
And more joys to come,
Plus a big shopping spree.

For they wait a man,
So fat with applause,
Unforgettable name,
Santa Claus.

Families together,
End of the class,
Pack up for vacation,
After Christmas mass.

To a glorious day,
Full of peace and love,
Two wondrous gifts,
From the Kingdom up above.

Spirit so excited,
It may to explode,
And sees the brightest stars,
Outside the abode.

As I end this poem,
With a glorious plight:
"Merry Christmas to you all,
And to all a good night."

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