Saturday, October 22, 2011

Agree... Disagree...


* The RH Bill is a crime against nature (by philiosophers, religious scholars, and academe).
* Some political pundits are idiots.
* China is gone way out of line with Spratlys, Falun Gong, and religion.
* It's still cool to trick-or-treat, even when when you are a teen
* Journalism is a dangerous job, considering that you'll get assigned to war zones.
* Aung San Suu Kyi should have been a prime minister years ago.
* Agriculture should have been number 1 in the economy.
* SBM got what they deserved after 6 years.
* Ateneans are a LaSallian's worst nightmare.
* Turtles can't scream.


* PNoy did not made a good job as president (well at least he tried).
* Young people can't lead in a government. (Ninoy Aquino was 22, when he became governor)
* Communists view religion as an excuse to scare people. (Well I'm Muslim, so back off Reds!)
* Teenagers can't watch SpongeBob SquarePants anymore. (we're still young, aren't we?)
* It's wrong to be gay. (although it's wrong to marry another guy)
* Black people can't be big. (If Obama and Mandela can do it, why not anybody else?)
* Being atheist solves everything. (try praying for once)
* Jose Rizal attacks Catholic priests. (just the Spanish priests)
* It's wrong to pull anybody's finger for no reason (you know what happens...)
* Alcohol helps you man up. (if you wanna man up to Death)

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