Monday, October 31, 2011

Form, Reform, and BE FORMED: The SK Reform Bill

Friends, countrymen, fellow youth of the Philippines, what do you think of our fellow youth leading in our communities. the essence of having leaders is to defend the needs of his fellow people. Such example of need for the Filipino youth the Sangguniang Kabataan, which, by the way, is currently on a limbo stage between reform and abolition as of this point.

Some known people, like former senator Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel, Jr., call for the abolition of the SK, and replace it with a youth representative in the local government, because of the following reasons: a. SK officials are unaware of their roles in the local government; b. SK officials might be on conflict with their schooling; c. SK officials are too young to run in the local government. It seems so ironic that the dude who made the Local Government Code would call for the abolition of the SK, don't you think?

We, the youth, admit that maybe there were some setbacks with the SK, but does not mean that it is a basis that can make SK adieu. That is why we the youth should stand up and defend the SK. If there's anybody that can lead the youth, it is the .youth itself. 

Henceforth, something came to my attention. AKBAYAN youth leaders Walden Bello and Kaka Bag-ao came up with a legislation that cansave the SK. The bill, which is still pending in the House of Representatives, calls for a reform in the SK as a catalyst for leading the youth in the communities. It state for the following:

* A more detailed role for the SK.
* The Katipunan ng Kabataan (Youth Federation) as the highest policy-making body of the SK.
* A youth development council.
* More autonomy for the SK.

In my personal thoughts, I think that it is important to save the SK because that it is the SK that leads the youth in the localities and helps the youth get empowered as future leaders and catalyst for change in their communities. Just like Gat Jose Rizal once said, "Ang kabataan ang siyang pag-asa ng bayan"

Therefore, let us keep it that way. Why abolish when you can reshape it. If someone has a problem with something, why not customize it?

We, the youth of the Philippines, should stand up for ourselves and fight for reform. Change is what we need. Remember what Rizal had said. Let us keep it in our hearts. Act as Rizal had said. Be a Filipino youth.

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