Thursday, March 31, 2011

To last year...

Dear Last Year,

I know it's soundly odd, but I want to say that it's been fun knowing you. 

Seeing what I've been through a lot these past weeks, sometime they were kind of drag, but sometimes, they were totally rad. If I could remember to count the days I've been, I know that time really flies. Knowing that my time feels short at my reach, the memories keep getting longer and longer and longer 'til the longest that it could take. Maybe forever.

You've always been with me throughout the whole school year, through good times and bad. Right when you were there with my friends in the best times we had together. When we were at Cebu for our field trip and me and my friends were dancing the night away, thank you for being with me to enjoy the time I have. With all the homework, projects and other priorities we have to face, thank you for being us and enabling us to buy time so that we can do these things with a breeze. If only you could have stood still for just a little longer, who's knows, maybe I could be able to do more things on the spot. If I could also be able to travel through time, I could be able to see my memories first-hand, to be able to savor the good times, learn from the suffering, and even longing to see what may lie in my future. 

I know that some things never last, but I wish it can. There are some things in my life that want to do without any care, maybe to rest my heart easily and still be able to wake up. If I could also be able to go back in time to do the things I should have done, like telling the love of my life that I love her, and I wanna be with her 'til i can breathe no more, then I could have been with someone who cares about me and a shoulder to lean on. I know that I have some faults and mistakes in my life, but at least I was able to learn from them, but still I really want to go back to be able to correct those mistake, then I would have been in a relaxed life that I really wanted the most. Maybe, I really need to stop looking back and start looking to what lies yonder. maybe I do need a change.

So henceforth, I wanted to say thank you for being with me these past few days. Good and bad times, you were still by my side. I am very grateful for the things that you gave me, and I will never forget them. Now, I am looking forward to what lies in my future. So, farewell last year.

Smell you later,

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