Saturday, April 30, 2011

A College Student's 6th Grade Memory

Last week, my batchmate from the 6th grade returned to Cagayan de Oro to attend the CFC Youth for Christ International Leaders' Conference, which was held in the city. I was so excited to see my   friend Yla again, that I personally went to her house to see her. However, when I got there, she wasn't there. I soon found out when I called form her that she was staying near the conference venue. On sunday night, we gathered to one of my batchmate's house for a mini-reunion. We had a heck of a good time and we were really happy to see each other again.

Reunions like this make you feel very filled up, considering that you were able to recover a lost part of your life. To be honest, I had very bad days ahead ever since I crossed into high school and made me think about the good 'ol days way more. The times that we had before were the sweetest that I ever experienced that shaped my life forever. the bondings that we had each time class ends, the games we played, the confessions (maybe later!), until the day of graduation when I had the greatest time having greater friends to cherish with. Something that I want to treasure with for the rest of my life. 

The memories that I have with them, some of it I was able to remember them. I remember the time that after classes, we would sit inside the jeep in front of the school while it is still parked, which was a very popular tambayan for us Assumptionistas. Inside, we would engage in jokes, gossip, and even playing games. One thing that I will never forget, a memory that shaped my life. 

One thing is for sure is that sometimes all things come and go in the long run, but the only thing that still lies within oneself is the best memories that one has experienced that remains as sweet as precious fruits. These are the only experiences that I will never forget, ever being with the friends that truly came by my side all the way.

As for my fellow friends in grade school... you will always be in my heart. Thank you for shaping my life.

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  1. I was surfing the Internet and I just came across to your blog. I must say that when I read it, I realized how much I missed my childhood years. Well, I think all of us miss our pasts. Who wouldn't be?