Thursday, March 31, 2011

The curious case of an LSS teen

It's been a real issue in us, even me. The fact that we always remember the same song over and over when we think of something or someone proves that it is very inevitable. It's even almost uncontrollable that we feel that we can't able to move ourselves with all the emotion commotion going on. 

Having Last Song Syndrome (LSS) can really affect how we are doing everyday. Sometimes we lost concentration on our work, or it becomes a sign of depression. When we tune it to a song on our computers, laptops, or mp3s, we suddenly think of someone, then you become spaced out. Some of us have LSS inside of us. Even I had it, in fact, I had it for two straight nights. It makes have this calming sense that I had in my brain, kind of reminds me of someone.

It was several weeks ago, and it was about 2 am, while I was looking at Facebook while downloading music, I begin to look at her profile. I begin to stare at her solo pictures, as if I was looking at an enchantress (iring!). Anyway, when I looked at her pictures, I start to play songs from The CompanY (note: I still like 90s music...). And while the music plays, her sweet smiling face mesmerizes me lie a 7th heaven angel coming from the light. I did not even move a finger upon staring at her picture while the music keeps playing, my feelings for her keeps getting deeper and deeper in my heart as if it's like I'm staring at her at point blank.

I know... too kilig. However, I can't help it if I feel her that way. But still, my love for her burns like a trail of a thousand phoenix-like suns. How I really long to hold her hand again, I'd really explode in glee and sparks will fly across the sky.

O mortal with grace unsurpassed, how I wish you'd be mine...

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