Monday, January 31, 2011

I Long to See the First Star at Night

I long to see the first star at night.
When I sit down at the front porch,
Whether raining or otherwise,
When all things are getting bleak,
There will be a star that I see
Twinkling through the clouds,
My sadness flows away.

I long to see the first star at night.
As the darkness spread throughout the skies,
A single spark lightens my soul.
A spark that helps me go on my way,
Even though which I might see my doom.
You were there, giving me life.

I long to see the first star at night.
Where I go on the distance,
To find out where it is.
When I see the little spark that I gaze at night,
I found out.
The star at night was... you.
My love, the one to whom I give my heart with.
The love that keeps me going throughout the night.

If only I could catch it, like eyes sparkling like sapphire,
A face that shines like the finest Korean porcelain,
Lips radiant red like the finest rubies of Persia,
The grace of the goddess Isis,
The beauty of the poetess Sappho,
The trance of Cleopatra.

Keeps me wonder,
I owe it all to you, my love.
With you filling up my life,
My heart will never die.
My star, that I always see at night.

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